Client Access

The VBFP Client Portal offers our clients a consolidated view of all financial accounts, income, net worth, and retirement projections. Bank, investment, and loan accounts can be linked so they automatically update and give you a picture of how close you are to reaching your financial goals.



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TD Ameritrade provides our clients with the ability to access their information online directly through Advisor Client. It can be used to view accounts, specific holdings, statements, tax documents, performance data, and more.


NOTE: If you haven't visited Advisor Client before, go to the page and click on "Get Started" to set up online access. You will need your account number and then TD Ameritrade will verify your identity by sending a code to either the email address or phone number that are currently attached to your account.

Clients can access the US Social Security website to find out what retirement benefits they will be entitled to when that day comes. We often request this info from our clients when doing a retirement analysis.