About VB Financial


Valtinson Bruner Financial Planning LLC is an independent fee based financial services firm consisting of Certified Financial Planners™, Investment Advisor Representatives, and Tax professionals.


Lauris “Larry” Valtinson a Certified Financial Planner™ founded Valtinson Financial Services in 1984. Because of the hard work, service, ethics, and expertise Larry gives to his clients they started telling their friends, family, and co-workers that “YOU NEED TO GO TALK TO LARRY!” The company grew to a point where Larry needed to bring on other financial planners to support the clients. Rob Bruner a Certified Financial Planner™ joined Larry in 2013 bringing his 20 years of financial planning experience to the company. Rob and Larry's client base has continued to grow and they brought on Erik Young in 2017 to help support the growth. Larry, Rob, and Erik work together with all new clients. Now when new clients come in, they say “I was told I needed to talk to Larry, Rob, and Erik!” Clients value the team approach to financial planning. By working together as a team, we enhance the client experience providing exceptional support, recommendations, and service which our clients deserve. We have a rich history and look forward to a bright future for our firm and most importantly you, the client.


Valtinson Bruner Financial Planning LLC strives to provide our clients with a financial plan to protect their financial security today, grow their financial assets for the future, distribute stable & reliable income during retirement, and pass on desired legacy assets to their heirs.


Our mission is to be the financial planning organization that positively impacts and influences the future of our clients, their children, and their grandchildren. Our success will be determined by delivering comprehensive financial planning and service that is unbiased and in the best interest of our clients.